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Mentoring for Youth Coaches & Youth Workers 


Plan Your Youth Programmes and Develop professionally and personally!

6 one-hour 1:1 mentoring sessions, held on alternate weeks for three-months duration, with youth work and youth coaching resources, tools, feedback, 

developmental exercises & fortnightly email check-ins.

Cost: €420

What Happens in The Mentoring Sessions & What Will I Learn?


TYMC will respond in the moment to your specific learning needs and areas for self-discovery, greater understanding of teen coaching and exploration of your youth coaching opportunities and service. A tailored package, resources, activities and 'homework' will also be created to help you meet your goals. Additionally, we'll tackle any limiting beliefs holding you back from your youth coaching or youth work potential. TYMC specialises in:


- Meeting the current needs of young people through mentoring and coaching

- Skills required for excellent youth coaching and mentoring

- Who are Gen Z and how can coaches meet their needs and understand their aspirations?

- Understanding the challenges and opportunities of today's youth and truly hearing their voices through your mentoring and coaching sessions

- Online pressures, opportunities and safety

- Student coaching and coaching in schools 

- Child protection, mandatory reporting and safeguarding in youth coaching

- Building positive and trusting coaching relationships with young people aged 13-25 years old

- How to deliver effective and engaging group coaching with young people

- Adolescent development and the teenage brain

- Essentials in youth coaching and how it may differ to adult coaching and family coaching 

- Using youth coaching tools, techniques and activities

- Finding the right accredited Coach, or Youth Coach Training, for you and your aspirations

- Supporting young people through coaching during exam and transition anxiety

- How to handle "bad" behaviour, difficult coaching sessions and complicated conversations

- Essential reading and resources for youth coaches 

- The differences between teen coaching and coaching young adults

- How to create and keep boundaries in your teen coaching and mentoring

- Ethics of youth coaching

- Exploring what experience and skills you still need and how to gain supervised youth coaching or youth work experience

- Seeking essential youth coach supervision and support

- Utilising active listening, unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy

- The considerations and differences between mentoring, coaching and informal education in youth coaching 

- Working with parents, carers and professionals

- Skills in communicating effectively with youth

- Preparing and encouraging young changemakers and young leaders to confidently and effectively share their voice to make positive social impact; locally, nationally or even globally

- Helping young people to develop a growth mindset and emotional intelligence 

- Understanding Positive Youth Development 

- Models of Youth Work and Youth Coaching

- Tackling myths and misconceptions around youth culture and young people

- Nature connection, mindfulness in nature and eco-consciousness for young people

- Helping young people understand their identity, human rights, core values, passions, worldview, beliefs, purpose, self-awareness, social impact, leadership skills, potential & emotional intelligence

- Developing sustainable systemic, and peer coaching, youth programmes

- Safe recruitment, induction and matching of volunteer youth coaches and mentors

- Creating and running virtual and in-person youth and teen coaching packages

- Etc.

Please note: Leah is also available for discounted group mentoring, group coaching and training in any, or all, of the above topics. Great for groups of youth coaches, teachers, students or youth workers based in schools, centres, universities and organisations.

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For Universities, Organisations 

& Schools Working With Young People 13-30 Years Old


TYMC is available for talks, workshops, consultancy, training, student support, mentoring, coaching and guest lectures. 


In-person globally (Leah is not afraid to travel) or online via Zoom; to develop your youth mentoring, leadership and life skills, careers and coaching programs. TYMC only works with under 18s referred through an education provider, or other professional youth service, along with the young person's parents permission.

 Together Youth can Make Change TYMC

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Private Tutoring