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find Your Personal path to purpose

10 Virtual Group Coaching & Training

Sessions + 4 one-to-one Sessions



For international young people (18-25 years old) 

Are you struggling to find meaning in your life? Would you like to explore your place and purpose on this planet? 

Would like to have more clarity on your future career direction? 

If you said yes to these questions and you're 18-25 years old, then it is likely this program is for you. Delivered through empowering cross-cultural group coaching and training, these sessions will enable you to have the mindset and clarity to begin finding your passions, career path and life's purpose. 


Includes 5 training sessions, 5 group coaching sessions, a 1-hour one-to-one pre-call and 3 x 30-minute one-to-one laser coaching sessions, email check-ins, exercises and a certificate of attendance. There's a maximum group size of 15 young people.

Alternate Wednesdays at 16:00 Greenwich Mean Time

For 20 weeks duration from 8th September


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With Coacharya, a coach training and leadership organization, Leah is facilitating ACSTH Youth Coach Training for coaches who aspire to specialise in youth coaching.

Next 30hr program starts on 29th June 2021



In partnership with Coacharya, a coach training and leadership organization, Leah is delivering a 12 week 30-hour Youth Leadership Program (YLP) for global youth.


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10 virtual group coaching & training sessions plus 4 one-to-one sessions for 20 weeks duration held on alternate weeks
- all groups cost €299:

1. YOUth Create Change starts Wednesday 1st September 16:00 GMT for young changemakers from across the world.

2.  Your Personal Path to Purpose starts Wednesday 8th September 16:00 GMT for young people looking to find meaning and purpose in their life.


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Mentoring for Youth Coaches, Practitioners & Youth Workers Available Now


Develop professionally and personally!

12 one-hour 1:1 mentoring sessions, held on alternate weeks for six-months duration, with youth work and youth coaching resources & regular 

developmental exercises. Cost: €899

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