Nature Coaching, Mindfulness in Nature & Forest Bathing for Young People 18-30 Years Old and Families of all ages. Available virtually and in-person.

The virtual 1-1 and group sessions of nature mindfulness are great to help reduce exam and transition anxiety, plus other daily pressures. You'll be guided through nature connection and mindfulness activities, which you can carry out in your local park, garden or other natural area. You'll also get time to reflect on these and yourself with Leah, during your one-hour virtual coaching and mindfulness sessions.


The in-person sessions are great for young people completing the Camino de Santiago or other hiking routes across Spain, or families looking for more connection with themselves, each other and the environment.

Based in the Valleys of the Bear on the Camín Real de la Mesa; situated in the Natural Mountainous Paradise of Asturias, Spain.

We'll walk, meditate, connect to nature and your roots, explore nature's wisdom and oracle, have moments of silent reflection, journal or draw and talk through coaching conversations. Through mindfulness and an array of activities you'll discover nature's resilience and adaptability, the possibilities of oneness and our connection to the universe etc. Helping you to understand how all of this may link to you and your purpose on this planet. Reconnecting you to yourself, nature and your inner nature!


In this instance, nature is your coach and I'm simply a guide for you to connect.

TYMC can even organize your stay in Asturias with a tailored itinerary to tour this magical region, its wildlife, gastronomy, heritage and culture!

Guided, self-guided, one-to-one & groups.