Leah's an explorer by heart, global citizen and changemaker by soul. Originally from Wirral, next to Liverpool waterfront in the UK, she now lives in a tiny stone cottage in the mountains of Northern Spain, where there are more bears, boars and wolves than residents. Luckily she has great WiFi and values tranquility, freedom, adventure, culture, travel and nature. Although, a city trip here and there is something she also really enjoys. You can see her little village in this photograph. Leah is a humble, enthusiastic and bold Youth and Leadership Coach, with accredited coach training at mastery level. She has an extensive background in mentoring, coaching, youth & community work and even wildlife conservation. For the past decade Leah's also lived in the UK, Ecuador and parts of Africa, in big cities and rural areas, working in the international development and personal development field with young people and changemakers for some amazing youth & community charities, environmental NGOs and in education.

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  • 16 Years' experience working with young people, communities and students (11-25yrs.+) in the charitable, education & environmental sectors

  • Youth Mentoring since 2007 & Coaching since 2013

  • Level 4 NVQ in Advice & Guidance IAG (courses & careers), with careers guidance experience

  • 2500+ hours of 1:1 & group mentoring & coaching

  • Completed a 135 hour ACTP Accredited Certification in Advanced Coaching 'Coach to Lead'. EMCC Accredited Coach & Mentor at Senior Practitioner Level: Membership No. EIA20216129.

  • Holds certificates in Mindfulness & Group Coaching

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Youth & Community Work, at Masters level, with Distinction

  • Level 7 JNC Professionally Qualified Youth Worker 

  • Trainer, speaker & workshop facilitator (400+hrs)

  • Trains and mentors Youth Coaches & Youth Mentors

  • Designed, developed & delivered in-person online and on-demand Youth Leadership Programmes 

  • Train the Trainer Certified & holder of an Edexcel Level 3 Award in Assessing Candidates

  • Developed several youth mentoring & youth coaching programmes in the UK, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya & globally on a virtual basis

  • Experience in supporting young people with their mental health, Autism, Asperger's & ADHD

  • Experience in nature coaching 

  • Extensive staff, student & volunteer supervision

  • Spanish Police Clearance, 2021. UK DBS Clearance, 2014.

aboutmy journey

After a very difficult time in my teens when I hit challenge after challenge, I eventually managed to change my life around. I left school and studied animal care and biology, instead of A-Levels. I did this in a Welsh college miles away from my home, to find new peers and possibilities in a topic I enjoyed, for once. I found freedom from the anger that I'd held inside, felt I actually belonged and became passionate about somethingachieving excellent grades for the first time. That gave me the boost I needed to put 100% into my 'wild' dreams, which had seemed nearly impossible until then.


I literally worked every day and night from 16 years old to self-fund my studies, my own home and volunteer placements; gaining that vital experience and connections to achieve my degree in Wildlife Conservation and dream job working in nature, which I got by the age of 22. After that, many more milestones were reached like my post grad in Youth & Community Work, building youth mentoring and coaching programmes and volunteer work across Africa. My travels took me to some spectacular remote spots like this one in Ecuador, where I lived in the city of Guayaquil working with street children. 

I'm no stranger to crossing massive barriers in life, including a life changing accident that affected my career, yet I never gave up. I saw opportunities for new beginnings instead of bad ends to dwell on. I held onto a future vision and fulfilled my big aspirations; staying with a tribe in the Amazon Rainforest, meeting wild gorillas in Uganda, camping alone on jungle islands in Zambia and Kenya, walking to Machu Picchu, starting a PhD in a Spanish university, visiting the Galapagos islands, developing several youth projects and leading many community programmes, buying a forest to preserve and living in several countries.

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My life lessons, positive attitude and gratitude for all of life's experiences made me the strong, enthusiastic, authentic, intuitive and bold, yet gentle, honest and caring person that I am today.


Now I aspire to inspire others and to connect people to themselves, each other, and the natural world we live in.


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Leah teaching a class on reproductive health in Zambia, 2017