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Nature Connection Mindfulness and Eco-Coaching for young people and the young at heart. Bringing out the natural leader within you and supporting you to connect with your inner and outer nature.


Available virtually and in-person.

A nature coaching approach is taken for inner and outer exploration along with several other methods of nature connection, mindfulness, outdoor eco-therapeutic activities, journaling, drawing & deep self-reflection.

Virtual Eco-Coaching

As well as re-connecting to yourself and our natural world, Leah's virtual 1-2-1 sessions of nature-based mindfulness, eco-coaching and nature connection reflections are great for personal insights and growth, inspiration and to help reduce anxieties like eco-anxiety and to help you find your passions and purpose.


You'll be guided through nature connection and eco-therapeutic exercises, which you can carry out in your local park, whilst hiking, looking out of your window, in your garden or other natural area in your own time. If you're unable to leave your home, it's still possible to undertake these sessions without going outside. We will adapt and co-create eco-therapeutic activities with nature to suit you and your situation. You'll get time to reflect on the eco-coaching activities and yourself with Leah, during your 1-2-1 one-hour virtual sessions via Zoom.

Evoke & Grow Your Inner Natural Leader in Partnership with Nature

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In-Person Eco-Coaching 

Leah is based in the Asturian Valleys of the Bear (Valles del Oso) on the Camín Real de la Mesa; situated in a Natural Mountainous Paradise of Northern Spain.


If you can travel to Asturias, we'll walk 1-2-1, or with your group, in a local habitat of your choice. Here we'll  connect to nature, carry out eco-therapeutic exercises, explore nature's wisdom, mythology, adaptability and oracle. We'll unearth parts of your inner-nature and have moments of silent reflection and meditation. You may like to journal, practice nature mindfulness, draw or undertake mindful photography as well. We can also track and watch wildlife like bears, deer and wolves, explore our enchanting surroundings, have an epic picnic and talk through eco-coaching conversations.

In this instance nature becomes our co-coach, guide and inspiration on the paths less trodden. In this tranquil area of natural beauty you can be free to your natural expression, self and identity; enabling you to reconnect to yourself and the natural world.

Eco-Coaching Trip & Retreat

As Leah's husband is a local Asturian registered tour guide, we can even organise your stay in Asturias with a tailored itinerary to tour this magical region, its wildlife, gastronomy, heritage and culture!

If you'd rather be alone, Leah can set self-guided Mindful Wild Walk activities, telephone support if required, and self-guided routes at varying levels.

What would your dream

Mindful Wild Walk

look like? For photos visit @mindfulwildwalk

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Are You an Environmentalist or Eco-Activist?

Leah would like to support you in your mission to support our planet, its wildlife and to tackle the ecological crisis we are in.

We are so interlinked with the planet that our health and wellbeing depends on the health of Earth. Leah aims to support your wellbeing to be fully present and effective in achieving your mission. 

Prices vary. Please arrange your free consultation for further information.



As well as being a professionally qualified JNC Level 7 Youth & Community Worker and ACTP Qualified Coach, Leah also holds a B.Sc. Hons. in Wildlife Conservation and has worked for many years in the environmental field. She is a 'Thought Leader' for the charity 'iRewild' and has delivered numerous nature walks throughout her conservation career. She is trained in Nature Connection Mindfulness, as a Natural Mindfulness Guide, as a SOMA Youth Mindfulness Teacher and is currently completing a year long Ecotherapy course. Leah's hobby is also intertwined into this passion as she hikes 20+ hours alone in the wild mountains and forests every week; sometimes camping in her hammock or remote cabin.

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