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Coaching & Mentoring 


Leah provides global online and in-person natural leadership coaching and training for young people and adults alike. She is a consultant and trainer in youth mentoring and coaching and due to her extensive experience, Leah mentors Youth Coaches and Youth Workers across the globe. Through coaching, she specialises in supporting young changemakers, environmentalists and young leaders, but is of course open to all. Leah provides consultancy support for universities, youth organisations and charities internationally. Her youth career spans 16 years, working with all ages, from 11 years old onwards, from a variety of backgrounds. See 'About' section or LinkedIn for more information.


Leah is passionate about people and nature as well as the developmental power of youth coaching. She intertwines these passions to help people reach their potential, find their purpose and to connect to their inner natural leader, each other and nature



(18-35 years old)

Do you want to increase your influence and voice to make a positive social or environmental impact? Do you worry about your place and purpose on this planet? Do you want to change yourself, your community or even the world? Are you feeling useless, stuck or lacking in confidence and drive? Are you anxious about climate change and feel despair for the ecological crisis we're in? Do you need support with managing exam or transition anxiety? Are you confused about your career, feeling lost or at a crossroads? Do you need accountability, inspiration and encouragement to make decisions and achieve your vision? 

Through Natural Leadership Coaching you could:

- Increase or develop your leadership qualities, confidence and changemaker skills

- Share your voice effectively to be heard

- Discover your true potential and purpose

- Manage your time and performance better

- Enhance your public speaking and interview skills
- Prepare for transitions into university and careers

- Identify your career, courses or university

- Deal with conflict, pressure, anger and emotions
- Stand out from the crowd, etc.

Group Eco-Coaching is available for young eco-activists and environmentalists.

Leah only works with under 18s in partnership with education providers and youth organsiations.

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Would you like to know how to become an effective and inspiring Youth Coach or Youth Worker? Would you like to learn the essentials of youth coaching or youth mentoring? As a specialist in youth personal development and youth coaching with over 2500 hours of youth mentoring and coaching, and years of experience in youth and community programme leadership that's where Leah can help you. Through 1-to-1 mentoring (with coaching if requested) Leah can support you to achieve your vision as a youth worker or youth coach. 


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What Happens & Where Do We Meet?

Coaching and mentoring focus on the now and the future. So unlike therapy, mentoring and coaching do not dig into your past. We'll talk in a confidential space where I will 100% accept you for exactly who you are. In coaching, we'll work together to move you towards your aspirations, a better space of mind and clarity of direction. Coaching aims to maximize your potential, in any area of your personal, academic or professional life, through your coach's powerful listening skills, reflections and questions. Mentoring however, provides guidance, co-creation of solutions and feedback based on the mentor's expert experience in the field e.g. mentoring for youth coaches or mentoring for young aspiring youth and community leaders.

Where do we meet? 70% of people meet Leah via online video or voice call. Leah's clients are from all over the world covering more than 30 countries.

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