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TYMC provides global online and in-person youth coaching, mentoring and training for young people (13-30 years old), youth changemakers and leaders, youth coaches and youth practitioners. TYMC supports international charities, schools, universities and businesses working with young people worldwide, through youth work consultancy, training, group coaching and other services to develop their young leaders and youth programs. 


Preparing future generations of leaders and changemakers to be the best they can be for themselves, for others and for the sustainable development of the world. 




Do you worry about your place and purpose on this planet? Do you want to change yourself, your community or even the world? Are you feeling useless, stuck or lacking in confidence and drive? Are you confused about your personal life path, feeling lost or at a crossroads? Do you want to empower and inspire others? Do you want to help change the lives of young people effectively? Do you need accountability, inspiration and encouragement to achieve? As a specialist in Youth Personal Development with over 2500 hours of youth mentoring and coaching, years of experience in 'Change Making', program leadership and working with charities that's where TYMC can help you!

"Be you, reach your potential!"

- Identify your career, university or courses

- Improve your youth coaching & youth work skills

- Become an inspiring youth & community leader

- Develop your social impact

- Discover your true potential and purpose

- Achieve and succeed with confidence and clarity

- Explore the world, connect to nature, take a gap year or plan an adventure

- Manage your time and performance

- Enhance your public speaking, interview, leadership, social and presentation skills
- Prepare for transitions into university and careers
- Build positive relationships, stand out from the crowd and making a good impression

- Deal with conflict, manage anger and emotions

- Effectively help, inspire and empower others.


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What Happens, How Much Does it Cost and Where Do We Meet?

We'll talk in a confidential, non-judgmental space where we'll build trust, dig deep to explore your fears, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and opportunities to discover a way forward. Leah, the Founder of TYMC, knows that to make a difference in yourself and the world takes a lot of hard work, sacrifices and determination, but it's worth it and she'll be there with you during that difficult stage in your journey to help you get through it as a stronger person. It's often said that the best and most successful people, and leaders, have a coach and mentor; Leah could be yours. 

Where do we meet? 70% of people meet Leah via online video or on a WhatsApp voice call. However, it's also possible to meet in-person at your organisation or in the idyllic mountains of Asturias Northern Spain, where Leah lives on the Camín Real de la Mesa. Trips to Asturias can even be organised through TYMC's sister company Tour Astur. Leah delivers forest bathing, camino and nature coaching in Asturias. Great for solo young women travelers, couples and groups of friends. See Instagram below for photographs. 

Prices: 1-hour virtual sessions cost betwee

€65 - €85.

TYMC's Popular Six-Month Virtual 1:1 Mentoring & Coaching Package for Young People Over 18 Years Old, Youth Practitioners & Youth Coaches:

 Includes an initial 90-minute session, 14 one-hour sessions, resources, four 30-minute accountability calls & regular email check-ins  


Global Youth Development Coaching

With 10 years' international sustainable development and global youth & community work experience, and over 15 years' experience of developing and leading on numerous projects and managing hundreds of volunteers, TYMC offers in-person and online training, consultancy, mentoring and coaching (one-to-one, group and systemic) for international NGOs, humanitarian workers, changemakers, schools & grassroots charities working with 13-25s+ and for the young people they serve, anywhere in the world.

Leah aspires for excellent coaching & mentoring to be available to all, without borders and barriers. When possible, she offers sponsored support for people and projects in 'Least Developed Countries' (LDCs), as listed by the United Nations; based on strict genuine need through her 'YOUth Inspire Impact' Coaching & Mentoring Program. If you have a funded project Leah is available for contracted work in-person globally and virtually.

 Together Youth can Make Change TYMC

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Training, Talks, Workshops, Consultancy & Professional Development

For developing your youth mentoring & coaching projects and youth work skills: TYMC can help you, your staff, peer mentors or students to work more effectively with teenagers and young people through in-person or online training, mentoring and consultancy. Leah is also available for talks, workshops and guest lectures. 

For businesses, organizations and NGOs: Leah offers a package of training, group and 1:1 coaching support called 'Accelerating Leaders'. This tailored program is aimed at accelerating your young aspiring leaders to reach their potential and develop a leadership mindset to succeed in your organization & make a positive impact. Listen to Leah on this topic:




Originally from the UK, I now live in a tiny stone cottage in the mountains of Northern Spain, where there are more bears & wolves than residents. Luckily I have great WiFi and enjoy tranquility and nature. For the past decade I've also lived in the UK, Ecuador and parts of Africa, in big cities and rural areas, working with young people and changemakers for some amazing community NGOs, environmental charities and in education. I love wildlife, conservation, travel, adventure, anthropology, culture and making a social impact. See my Instagram and videos below for more info. The serious stuff includes:

  • 15 Years' experience working with young people and students (11-25yrs.+) in the charitable sector & education

  • Youth Mentoring since 2007 & Coaching since 2013

  • Level 4 NVQ in Advice & Guidance IAG (courses & careers)

  • 2500+ hours of 1:1 & group youth mentoring & coaching

  • Completed a 135 hour ACTP Accredited Certification in Advanced Coaching 'Coach to Lead'. EMCC Accredited Coach & Mentor at Senior Practitioner Level: EIA20216129.

  • Holds other certificates in Coaching & Group Coaching

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Youth & Community Work, at Masters level, with Distinction

  • Level 7 JNC Professionally Qualified Youth Worker 

  • Trainer, speaker, educator & workshop facilitator (400+hrs). Trains and mentors Youth Coaches.

  • Train the Trainer Certified & holder of an Edexcel Level 3 Award in Assessing Candidates.

  • Developed 7 youth mentoring & coaching programs in the UK, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya & virtually

  • Experienced in supporting young people with their mental health, Autism, Asperger's, ADHD & post-trauma

  • Experienced in prevention, intervention & child protection. Supported young people with medical needs & disabilities

  • Extensive staff, student & volunteer supervisionTaught Personal Social Health Education, TEFL etc.


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Get in Touch

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi

TYMC Transforming YOU(th) into 

a Motivated Changemaker & Leader


Any questions? I'd love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today for further information or to gain your FREE 30 minute online consultation and exploration session. I'm not interested in hard selling so don't worry about that; it'll be a space for us to find out if TYMC's support is what you've been looking for! It's also a great chance for us to make sure that we match. 

Prices for consultancy, workshops, talks, guest lectures and training are tailored to each organisation's different needs. Please contact me by email for a consultation and quote:

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After a very difficult time in my teens when life felt hopeless and I hit challenge after challenge I changed my  life around. Inspired by a biology teacher, books and Jane Goodall, I left school and studied my passion of animal care in a Welsh college miles away from my Merseyside home to find new peers and possibilities. I found freedom from the bad stuff and the anger that I'd held inside and I achieved excellent grades for the first time. That gave me the boost I needed to put 100% into my 'wild' dreams, which had seemed nearly impossible until then. I took positive risks, worked every day and night from 16 years old to self-fund my studies, own home and volunteer placements; gaining that vital experience to achieve my degree in Wildlife Conservation and dream job working in nature, which I got by the age of 22. After that, many more milestones were reached like my post grad in Youth & Community Work, building youth mentoring and coaching programs and my world travels.


I'm no stranger to crossing massive barriers in life, yet I never gave up. I saw opportunities for new beginnings instead of bad ends to dwell on. I held onto a future vision and fulfilled my big aspirations; worked with young people and communities in wildlife conservation, stayed with a tribe in the Amazon Rainforest, met wild gorillas, camped alone on jungle islands, walked to Machu Picchu, started a PhD, visited the Galapagos islands, developed several youth projects and led many community programs, bought a forest and lived in Ecuador, Spain and Africa. My life lessons, positive attitude and gratitude for all of life's experiences made me the strong, enthusiastic, intuitive and bold, yet gentle and caring leader and person that I am today. Now I aspire to inspire others; having helped hundreds of young people to reach their potential, be themselves and make a positive impact in the world!

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